Clarence Gaskill

Timeline of works

  • 1844
    Rauss Adolf Forever (That's The Meaning of R.A.F.).
    Place & Publisher Skidmore Music Co., Inc., 1270 Sixth Avenue New York
    Subjects:Airplanes, Bombers, World War II, Adolf Hitler, Warfare, Patriotism
  • 1912
    Three Cheers. Base-Ball is a Grand Old Game.
    Place & Publisher Emmett J. Welch, Colonial Theatre, Wilson Bldg., 15th St. below Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA.
    Subjects:Portraits, Baseball, Dreaming
  • 1913
    All I Want is a Beautiful Girl.
    Place & Publisher Shisler, Gaskill & Benkhart, Music Publishers, Colonial Theatre Bldg. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Portraits, Courtship, Love, Marriage, Children
  • 1915
    Mister Whitney's Little Jitney Bus. Song.
    Place & Publisher Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York
    Subjects:Automobiles, Courtship & love, Dogs, Couples, Crowds, Accidents
  • 1917
    That's a Mother's Liberty Loan. Novelty Song.
    Place & Publisher M. Witmark & Sons New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Stairways, Mothers & children, Soldiers, Patriotism, World War I