Composed by the Author of the Siege of Valenciennes
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multimovement work (1) The Sun Rising (Moderato); (2) The Fleet of Lord Nelson Cruizing Off Cadiz (Moderato; (3) Summons To Arms (Tempo di Marcia); (4) Signal going Up for the Enemys [sic] Fleet in Sight (Allegro con Spirito); (5) Sailors Carrying Up Their Hammocks (Allegretto); (6) Lord Nelsons [sic] Signal for every Englishman to do his duty (Pomposo); (7) The Battle (Allegro con Spirito); Engaging Yard Arm and Yard Arm; (8) Lord Nelsen shot (Adagio pianiss.); (9) Battle Continued (Allegro con Spirito); Sinking the Spanish Ship; Shouts of Victory (10) Rule Brittannia (Maestoso)
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