By Charles D'Albert
Publisher Location
New York
Publication Date
Form of Composition
Introduction La Place de la Concorde, Les Fontaines; (No.1, Pantalon) Les Tuileries; based on tune "Mire dans mes yeux tes yeux;" (No.2, Ete) Les Champs Elysees; based on tune "Son Nom"; (No.3, Poule); Les Boulevards; based on "Ave Maria;" (No.4, Trenise) le Palais Royal; based on "Ma Brunette;" (no.5; Finale) Le Jardin Marille; based on "La Ronde de Nuit;" all are aba (da capo)
Engraver, Lithographer, Artist
Lith. of Sarony & Major. N.Y.
Plate Number
Charles D'Albert (composer)
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