(1) na; (2) na; (3) na; (4) C. Lawrence Smith, Jr.; (5) Words by Edgar M. Dilley; (6) na; (7) A.W. Smith and R.W. Atkinson; (8) Charles Gayley and Balfe; (9) E.J. Biedermann; (10) Music by Walter Howe Jones; (11) Words by Llody Adams; (music na) (12) Arthur Hayden and R.W. Atkinson
Publisher Location
New York
Publication Date
Form of Composition
largely strophic with chorus
Engraver, Lithographer, Artist
Press of Sherman & Bryan, Inc., New York
Edgar M. Dilley (lyricist)
A. W. Smith (composer)
R. W. Atkinson (composer)
Charles Gayley (composer)
Balfe (composer)
E. J. Biedermann (composer)
Llody Adams (lyricist)
Arthur Hayden (composer)
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