Alfred von Rochow

Timeline of works

  • 1855
    Croquet Ballad.
    Place & Publisher S. Brainard's Sons Cleveland
    Subjects:Games, Courtship & love, Time, Human life cycle
  • 1866
    The Eagle of Freedom.
    Place & Publisher S. Brainard's Songs Cleveland
    Subjects:Eagles, Flags, Liberty--symbols, Patriotism
  • 1868
    The Carpet Bagger. Comic Song for the Times. Carpet Bagger Dance.
    Place & Publisher Balmer & Weber, 206 N. Fifth Street St. Louis
    Subjects:Grace Notes in American History (Lester Levy), Doors & doorways, Minstrel shows, Slaves, Enslaved persons, Candles, Silverware, From the writings of Lester Levy, Clocks & watches, Columns, Stairways, Reconstruction, Flowers, Palm trees, Caricatures, Bags
  • 1869
    I Wonder If He Cares For Me. Answer to I Wonder If "She" Cares For Me.
    Place & Publisher Balmer & Weber,206 N. 5th St. St. Louis
    Subjects:Courtship & love
  • 1869
    Song of Spring. Words by Miss Lizzie H. Garrison. Music by Alfred von Rochow.
    Place & Publisher Balmer & Weber, 206 N. Fifth Street St. Louis
    Subjects:Children playing outdoors, Girls, Dwellings, Birds, Squirrels, Country life, Seasons, Happiness
  • 1870
    Fly Shoe. Song and Dance.
    Place & Publisher George Willig & Co. Publishers Baltimore
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Caricatures, Marriage, Dialects, Quarreling, Ethnic stereotypes, Fighting, Courtship & love
  • 1870
    The Iron Horse.
    Place & Publisher Lee & Walker, 922 Chestnut St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Railroads, Symbols, Travel