Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    Watching for Pa. Juvenile Quadrille (On Popular Melodies Sung by the Christy Minstrels). (1) Come, Birdie, Come; (2) Love Among the Roses;
    (3) Write Me A Letter From Home; (4) Watching For Pa; (5) St. Patrick's
    Place & Publisher Duff & Stewart n.p.
    Subjects:Windows, Boys, Girls
  • 1861
    Funeral March.
    Place & Publisher n.p. n.p.
    Subjects:Portraits, Military officers, Military camps, MIlitary parades & processions Bodies of water, Ships, United States Capitol, Memorial works, Civil War--Union
  • 1878
    Babes in the Wood. Grease With Cash!
    Place & Publisher Louis P. Goullaud, No. 86 Tremont Street Boston
    Subjects:Teeth, Children, Diseases, Money, Judicial proceedings, Satire