Arthur Gillespie

Timeline of works

  • 1897
    The Baby in the Basket.
    Place & Publisher S. Brainard's Sons Co. Chicago
    Subjects:Mothers & children, Infants, Carriages & Coaches, Orphans, Love, Time
  • 1899
    Come Home To Dad. Pathetic Ballad & Refrain.
    Place & Publisher M. Witmark & Sons New York
    Subjects:Fathers & children, Parlors, Rocking chairs, Farewells, Travel, Singers, Homesickness
  • 1909
    It's Hard to Find a Real Nice Man.
    Place & Publisher Gus Edwards Music Pub. Co., 1531 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Couples, Drapery, Parlors
  • 1913
    Oh, You September Morn.
    Place & Publisher Aubrey Stauffer, Grand Opera House Chicago
    Subjects:Love, Dancing, Night