Arthur Lamb

Timeline of works

  • 1896
    The Concert On Our Roof.
    Place & Publisher M. Witmark & Sons, 49-51 West 28th Street New York
    Subjects:Theaters, Stages (platforms), Singers, Entertainment, Eating & drinking, Animals in human situations
  • 1904
    He Sent Her a Piece of the Wedding Cake.
    Place & Publisher Sol Bloom, New Amsterdam Theatre Building New York
    Subjects:Unrequited love, Weddings, Symbols, Dreaming, Sadness
  • 1906
    The Great Novelty Song. I'm in Love With the Side Trombone.
    Place & Publisher Shapiro Music Publisher, Cor. Broadway & Thirty Ninth Street New York
    Subjects:Stages (platforms), Portraits, Musicians, Orchestras