Arthur Trevelyan

Timeline of works

  • 1894
    The London Rage. The Girl Who Made Her Fortune in the Ballet. Comic Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher Spaulding & Gray, 16 West 27th St. New York
    Subjects:Love, Marriage proposals, Families, Social classes, Wealth
  • 1896
    The New Electric Hit. Down in Poverty Row.
    Place & Publisher Jos. W. Stern & Co., 45 East 20th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Stairways, Children playing, Poor persons, Dwellings, Love, Families
  • 1898
    Queen of Beauty. Waltzes.
    Place & Publisher E.T. Paull Music Co., 44 West 29th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Roses, Dancing
  • 1900
    Percy, the Popular Pet.
    Place & Publisher Shapiro, Bernstein & Von Tilzer, 45 West 28th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Monocles, Tuxedos, Vanity, Manners & customs
  • 1901
    A Vision of Paradise.
    Place & Publisher T.B. Harms & Co. New York
    Subjects:Musicians, Organs, Churches, Religion, Comfort
  • 1902
    For Your Darling Mother's Sake.
    Place & Publisher Music Supplement of The New York Journal and American New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Vice, Runaways, Sadness, Families, Death, Depression, Comfort