Bennett Scott

Timeline of works

  • 1894
    Lot 99.
    Place & Publisher Francis, Day & Hunter, 195 Oxford St. W. London
    Subjects:Auctions, Furniture, Caricatures, Portraits, Courtship & love
  • 1897
    I Don't Know How To Tell Yer How I Lubs Yer. Marie Lloyd's English Coon Song.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Portraits, Grooming, Dressing & grooming equipment, Monkeys, Lions, Minstrel shows, Dialects, Love
  • 1897
    I've Been Digging for the Gold. (including solfeggio symbols).
    Place & Publisher Francis, Day & Hunter, 138-140 Charing Cross Road London
    Subjects:Portraits, Caricatures, Snow, Log cabins, Gold, Prospecting
  • 1916
    Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty.
    Place & Publisher Chappell & Co., Ltd. New York
    Subjects:Soldiers, Campaigns & battles, Homesickness, England, World War I