Byron Gay

Timeline of works

  • 1914
    The Little Ford Rambled Right Along. Greatest Comedy Song Sensation.
    Place & Publisher C.R. Foster Publishing Co., 6134 Majestic Theatre Bld'g Los Angeles, CA
    Subjects:Automobiles, Accidents, Cartoons, Birds, Transportation, Storytelling
  • 1915
    Happy Tom O'Day.
    Place & Publisher W.A. Quincke & Co. Los Angeles, CAL
    Subjects:Automobiles, Portraits, Dogs
  • 1918
    A Soldier's Dream. Song.
    Place & Publisher Sunset Publishing Co. New York
    Subjects:Soldiers, Patriotism, Homesickness, Families, Military parades & ceremonies, World War I
  • 1919
    Oh! A New Jazz Hit! (Damaged copy)
    Place & Publisher Leo Feist, Inc. New York
    Subjects:Couples, Silhouettes, Windows, Kissing, Parrots, Love, Marriage
  • 1919
    Sand Dunes (My Desert Rose).
    Place & Publisher Leo Feist, Inc. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Silhouettes, Palms, Camels, Love, Travel