C. H. Rodwell

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    A Tear Shall Tell Him All. Ballad.
    Place & Publisher John Cole Baltimore
    Subjects:Courtship & love, Deceit
  • [n.d.]
    Silent Nymph With silvery Wings. The Naiads Song in the New Romantic Operatic Burletta of Lurline, or, The Revolt of the Naiades.
    Place & Publisher E. Riley & Co., 29 Chatham St. New York
    Subjects:Bodies of water, Supernatural beings, Cliffs, Moonlight, Forests, Pines, Mountains, Fairies
  • [n.d.]
    The Cross Old Bachelor. Ballad.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Men, Marriage