C. W. Reinhart

Timeline of works

  • 1898
    She Rests by the Suwanee River. The Master Ballad of the Season.
    Place & Publisher The American Popular Music Publishing Co., 468 N. 8th St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Portraits, Love, Death, Graves, Grief
  • 1899
    He Sent Me Back To You. A Song That Will Live Forever.
    Place & Publisher The State Music Co., 2548 N. 17th St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Portraits, Couples, Saxophones, Unrequited love, Marriage, Intoxication, Domestic violence, Homecomings, Fathers & children
  • 1899
    Souvenir Edition. The Ferris Wheel. March and Two Step.
    Place & Publisher Shoneman Bro's Music Department Philadelphia
    Subjects:Flowers, Amusement rides, Portraits