Charles Schultz

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    Neilson Grand March.
    Place & Publisher Sherman & Hyde, 139 Kearny St. (Corner of Sutter) San Francisco
  • [n.d.]
    Firemen's March.
    Place & Publisher Salvator Rosa, 615 Montgomery Street San Francisco
    Subjects:Flags, Fire engines & equipment, Bells
  • 1860
    I Loved Thee Long and Dearly. A Ballad.
    Place & Publisher Salvator Rosa, 157 Montgomery Street San Francisco
    Subjects:Unrequited love, Sadness
  • 1869
    Clementina Moore. Girl in the Dollar Store. Song and Dance.
    Place & Publisher M. Gray, 621 and 628 Clay Street San Francisco
    Subjects:Shopping, Occupations--salespeople, Robbery, Courtship & love
  • 1874
    Wm. Horace Lindgard's Songs and Sketches. I Shouldn't Like to Say. (A Lady's serio-comic Sketch).
    Place & Publisher M. Gray, 623 & 625 Clay St. San Francisco
    Subjects:Portraits, Conductors, Marriage proposals, Weddings