Charley Collins

Timeline of works

  • 1879
    Charlie Collins. Songs. No. 2. When the Old Folks Come Over the Sea.
    Place & Publisher The Root & Sons Music Co. Chicago
    Subjects:Portraits, Stairways, Buckets, Immigrants, Families, Aged persons, Homesickness
  • 1880
    Charlie Collins Songs. No. 3. Jakey Jump the Baby.
    Place & Publisher John Church & Co. Cincinnati
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Distress, Stairways, Baskets, From the writings of Lester Levy, Flashes of Merriment (Lester Levy), Fathers & children, Marriage, Buckets, Trumpets, Dialects, Portraits, Birdhouses, Infants, Ethnic stereotypes, Immigrants, Flowers