Charlie Reed

Timeline of works

  • 1884
    Charley Reed's (The Plain Comedian) Great Specialty and End Songs. In 1909.
    Place & Publisher I.L.A. Brodersen & Co. San Francisco
    Subjects:Portraits, Boxing, Progress, Time, Inventions, Money, City & town life
  • 1885
    It's Dudish, You Know! The Great Dude Song. Song and Refrain.
    Place & Publisher Chas. D. Blake & Co., 488 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Caricatures, Clothing & dress, Manners & customs, Food, Flowers, Vanity, Ethnic stereotypes
  • 1887
    Telephone in de Air.
    Place & Publisher Bowen & Schleiffarth, 179 & 181 Wabash Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Grover Cleveland, Death--symbols, Enslaved persons, Minstrel shows, Slavery, Portraits, Caricatures
  • 1891
    Charlie Reed's Latest and Most Popular Song. Told Between Ticks.
    Place & Publisher Hitchcock's Music Stores, 385 Sixth Avenue New York
    Subjects:Newspaper industry, Portraits, Sports, Baseball, Immigrants, International relations