Edmund Braham

Timeline of works

  • 1899
    Hog-Town Pig-Aninnies. Two-Step Cake-Walk. A Very Warm Number.
    Place & Publisher Edmund Braham, 1285 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Farms, Pigs, Drums, Trumpets, Animals in human situations, Couples, Dancing, Fences, Dwellings
  • 1900
    The Frolic of the Elks. Characteristic Two Step.
    Place & Publisher Windsor Music Co., 266 Wabash Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Fraternal organizations, Emblems, Symbols, Forests
  • 1911
    Army and Navy March Two Step.
    Place & Publisher Sam Fox Pub. Co. Cleveland
    Subjects:Sailor, Military uniforms
  • 1917
    Do Your Little "Bitty-Bit." (Right Now!)
    Place & Publisher The Frances-Clifford Music Publishing Co., 36 W. Randolph St. Chicago
    Subjects:World War I, Uncle Sam, Farmers, Nurses, War casualties, Warships, War bonds & funds, Patriotism