F. Belasco

Timeline of works

  • 1884
    Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry!
    Place & Publisher [W.F. Shaw] n.p.
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Children crying, Caricatures, Portraits, Lullabyes, Infants, Mothers & children
  • 1885
    Good Bye My Honey I'm Gone.
    Place & Publisher [P.R. McCargo & Co.] n.p.
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Caricatures, Dwellings, Waterfronts, Birds, Policemen, Courtship & love, Mothers & children, Spouses
  • 1885
    Creep Into Bed, My Baby. A Pretty Waltz Lullaby.
    Place & Publisher J.C. Groene & Co., 42 Arcade Cincinnati
    Subjects:Infants, Children sleeping
  • 1885
    I'se Gwine to Weep No More.
    Place & Publisher T.B. Harms & Co., 819 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Caricatures, Banjos, Dialects, Symbols, Infants, Death, Ethnic stereotypes
  • 1885
    I've Just Been Down to the Bank.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Caricatures, Money, Piers & wharves, City & town life, Banks, Robbery, Satire, Wealth, From the writings of Lester Levy, Grace Notes in American History (Lester Levy)
  • 1886
    He's The Picture of His Daddy in a 1000 Different Ways!
    Place & Publisher [W.F. Shaw] n.p.
    Subjects:Cartoons, Families, Roller skating, Alcoholic beverages, Robberies, Courtship & love
  • 1886
    Johnny Get Your Gun. Ethiopian Song and Chorus. The Popular Rage. Polka.
    Place & Publisher T.B. Harms & Co., 819 Broadway New York
  • 1888
    The Great Jubilee Song. Move Along Joe.
    Place & Publisher Hitchcock's Music Store, 11 Park Row New York
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Dialects, Singing, Ethnic stereotypes, Dancing