F. J. Tierney

Timeline of works

  • 1893
    The Faded Letter. Song.
    Place & Publisher F.J. Tierney & Co., Office No. 42-415 Dearborn St. Chicago
    Subjects:Portraits, Correspondence, Postage stamps, Love, Deception, Grief, Marine accidents, Death
  • 1893
    A Duck Can't Sit on a Limb. Waltz Song and Refrain, not Boisterously Funny, Just Mildly Facetious.
    Place & Publisher F.J. Tierney, 415 Dearborn Street, Room 49 Chicago
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Firearms, Drownings, Minstrels, Butchers, Caricatures, Satire, Food, Farmers, Waiters, Accidents, Portraits