G. B. Brigham

Timeline of works

  • 1889
    It is a Terrible Deal. A Topical Song.
    Place & Publisher National Music Co. Chicago
    Subjects:Pessimism, Distress, Spouses, Clothing & dress, Fairs, Debts, Accidents
  • 1894
    A New Comic Song. Hock Shop.
    Place & Publisher G.B. Brigham, 261 Wabash Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Business enterprises, Window displays, Caricatures, Entertainment, Intoxication, Pawnshops, Jewelry, Actors, Courtship & love
  • 1898
    The Old Kitchen Clock.
    Place & Publisher The Thompson Music Co. Chicago
    Subjects:Dwellings--interiors, Symbols, Nostalgia, Mothers & children, Human life cycle