Geo. Lowell Tracy

Timeline of works

  • 1887
    Selections from the New American Opera Uncle Tom.
    Place & Publisher Louis H. Ross & Co. Boston
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Flags, Heaven, Stages (platforms), Angels, Biblical references, Symbols, Clouds, Death, Dancers, Soldiers, Actors
  • 1888
    Papa's Darling Boy. Song.
    Place & Publisher The Queen City Music House, Ilsen & Co., Proprietors, 109 W. Sixth St. Cincinnati
    Subjects:Portraits, Children, Boys, Families, Love
  • 1897
    The Coons on a Lark. Coon Song, Quartet and Dance.
    Place & Publisher White-Smith Music Pub. Co. Boston
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Sailors, Minstrels, Caricatures, Recreation, Stages (platforms), Dialects