George F. Root

Timeline of works

  • 1861
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    Songs, Ballads, and Quartettes. Rock Me To Sleep, Mother. Ballad.
    Place & Publisher G.D. Russell & company, 126 Tremont, Opposite Park Street Boston
    Subjects:Civil War--Union, Mothers & children, Sadness, Depression, Nostalgia
  • 1873
    Hear! Hear! The Shout! Or, The People's Army. New Farmers' Song.
    Place & Publisher Geo. F. Root & Sons Chicago
    Subjects:Farmers, Dogs, Horses, Patriotism, War
  • 1873
    Songs of Sundown! Singing in the Rain. Song With Descriptive Accompaniment.
    Place & Publisher Geo. F. Root & Sons, 283 Wabash Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Sunrises & sunsets, Storms, Rain
  • 1885
    The Magic of a Kindly Smile.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Happiness, Ethics, Friendship, Love
  • 1976
    Jimmy Carter.
    Place & Publisher B & H Publishing n.p.
    Subjects:Portraits, Presidents--United States, Presidential elections-- United States