Harry D. Kerr

Timeline of works

  • 1908
    Get on the Raft With Taft.
    Place & Publisher Leo Feist New York
    Subjects:Portraits--William Howard Taft
  • 1912
    We're Ready For Teddy Again.
    Place & Publisher Joe Morris Music Co., 130 West 37th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Presidential elections
  • 1914
    Lull Me To Sleep. That Slumber Melody.
    Place & Publisher Metropolis Music Co. New York
    Subjects:Lullabyes, Love
  • 1915
    I'm an American, That's All.
    Place & Publisher Cosmopolitan Music Co., 1367 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Cartoons, Flags, One-room schools, Teachers, Patriotism, Immigrants, World War I
  • 1920
    Do You Ever Think of Me?
    Place & Publisher Sherman, Clay & Co. San Francisco
    Subjects:Portraits, Absences, Unrequited love