Henry Schroeder

Timeline of works

  • 1862
    Central Park Skating Quadrille Characteristic. (1) Invitation to the Skating Pond; (2) The First Attempt to Skate; (3) The Sleigh Chair (Lovers
    conversation); (4) Fancy Skating; (5) Skating Pond at Moonlight.
    Place & Publisher J.S. Schuberth & Co., 98 Spring St. (St. Nicholas Hotel Building) New York
    Subjects:Ice skating, Families, Bridges, Recreation facilities
  • 1862
    Commodore Nutts Grand March
    Place & Publisher P.A. Wundermann, Broadway New York
    Subjects:Little People, Cartography--Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
  • 1865
    A Gloom Is Cast O'er All The Land! (Song And Chorus).
    Place & Publisher Horace Waters, 481 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Memorial works, Abraham Lincoln, Assassinations
  • 1865
    Image Unavailable
    Oh Jeff! Oh Jeff! How Are You Now? Comic Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher Firth, Son & Co., 563 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Civil War--Union, Satire, Jefferson Davis, Fugitives, Clothing & dress