Henry V. Neal

Timeline of works

  • 1896
    Just Set A Light.
    Place & Publisher Howley, Haviland & Co., 4 East 20th Street New York
    Subjects:Dwellings, Railroads, Families, Bedrooms, Mothers & children, Fathers & children, Diseases, Railroad employees
  • 1899
    He Carved His Mother's Name Upon the Tree. A Sympathetic Song From Life.
    Place & Publisher Feist and Frankenthaler, 1227 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Cemetaries, Graves, Mothers & children, Poor persons, Tombs & sepulchral monuments, Orphans, Time
  • 1902
    Our Boys in Overalls.
    Place & Publisher George M. Krey Music Publisher, 1364 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Walls, Silhouettes, Industrial buildings, Occupations, Working class, Pride, Working ethic