Isham Jones

Timeline of works

  • 1917
    America Won't You Take Me Back To You.
    Place & Publisher Tell Taylor Music Publisher New York
    Subjects:Flowers, Patriotism, Travel
  • 1918
    Say, Young Feller.
    Place & Publisher Tell Taylor Music Publishers New York
    Subjects:Caricatures, Couples, Automobiles, Post offices, Aged persons
  • 1923
    Swingin' Down the Lane. An Old-Fashioned Song With a Fox Trot Swing.
    Place & Publisher Leo Feist, Inc. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Lovers' lanes, Dwellings, Gates, Love
  • 1924
    Spain. An Isham Jones Melody.
    Place & Publisher Milton Weil Music Co., Inc., 119 N. Clark St. Chicago
    Subjects:Native dress, Roses, Castles & palaces, Love, Travel