J. Brandon Walsh

Timeline of works

  • 1910
    In My Old Home Town.
    Place & Publisher Shapiro, Music Publisher, Cor. Broadway & Thirty Ninth Street New York
    Subjects:Railroad cabooses, Portraits, Travel, Homecomings
  • 1911
    Remember Me to My Old Gal.
    Place & Publisher Harold Rossiter Music Company Chicago
    Subjects:Portraits, Baseball, Courtship & love, Weddings
  • 1911
    Let Me Spend My Vacation With You.
    Place & Publisher Harold Rossiter Chicago
    Subjects:Portraits, Couples, Waterfronts, Fishing, Tents, Canoes, Walking, Dancing, Piers & wharves, Swimming, Bathing suits
  • 1912
    My Ragtime Fireman.
    Place & Publisher M. Witmark & Sons New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Fires, Firefighters, Fire engines & equipment, Love
  • 1914
    I'd Like to Know What Happened To Mary. Song.
    Place & Publisher Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York
    Subjects:Dwellings, Travel, City & town life, Manners & customs, Country life
  • 1915
    Sophie Tucker's Broadway Blues.
    Place & Publisher Will Rossiter, The Chicago Publisher, 136 Lake St. Chicago
    Subjects:Celebrities, Portraits, Depression, Unrequited love, Narcotics
  • 1916
    I'm Going To Hit The Trail To My Home Town.
    Place & Publisher F.J.A. Forster Music Publisher, 529 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Railroads, City & town life, Light fixtures, Country life, Automobiles, Dreaming, Desks, Homecomings, Domestic life, Depression
  • 1921
    Oh They're Such Nice People.
    Place & Publisher Broadway Music Corporation, Will Von Tilzer, President, 145 West 45th St. New York
    Subjects:Couples, Families, Caricatures, Dogs, Cats, Satire