J. F. Mcardle

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    J.F. McArdles[?] Great Stuttering Song. Sammy Stammers.
    Place & Publisher Hopwood & Crew, 42 New Bond Street, W. London
    Subjects:Portraits, Caricatures, Diseases, Families, Courtship & love, Fighting, Marriage proposals
  • [n.d.]
    Comic and Humorous Songs. Second Series. Colorado Beetle. A Coleopterous comicality.
    Place & Publisher S. Brainard's Sons Co., 20 East 17th Street New York
    Subjects:Insects, Farming
  • [n.d.]
    Co-Operation (A Song For The Times).
    Place & Publisher Francis Bros. and Day (Blenheim House), 351 Oxford St. W. London
    Subjects:Portraits, Business & finance, Big business