J. F. Mitchell

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    Baby's Got A Tooth. Comic Song.
    Place & Publisher Oliver Ditson & Co., 451 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Families, Infants, Time, Mothers & children
  • 1885
    The Greatest Hit of the Season. Clara Nolan's Ball.
    Place & Publisher Hitchcock Publishing Company, 131 East 23rd Street New York
    Subjects:Entertainment, Birthdays, Parties, Dancing
  • 1885
    Comic Songs by J.F. Mitchell, The Popular Irish Balladist. The Shanty-Town Brigade.
    Place & Publisher Hitchcock's Music Store, 166 Nassau St. (Opposite City Hall) New York
    Subjects:Poor persons, Dwellings, Social classes, Vice, Law enforcement
  • 1886
    Oh Mama! Oh Mama! Oh Mama! The Excruciatingly Funny Song.
    Place & Publisher Willis Woodward & Co., 842 & 844 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Love, Clothing & dress, Deception
  • 1886
    Sweet Heather-Bell. Waltz Song.
    Place & Publisher T.B. Harms & Co., 819 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Flowers, Symbols, Love
  • 1888
    The Copper and the Clock, or, The Rabbit Pie.
    Place & Publisher Harding's Music Office, 229 Bowery New York
    Subjects:Occupations, Food, Unemployment, Quarreling