A. J. Mills

Timeline of works

  • 1899
    I've Been Down to the Races. [includes version with solfeggio syllables]
    Place & Publisher Francis, Day & Unter, 142 Charing Cross Road (Oxford Street End) London
    Subjects:Portraits, Horse racing, Jockeys
  • 1899
    The Town Crier (Oh Yes! Oh Yes!! Oh Yes!!!)
    Place & Publisher Francis, Day & Hunter, 142 Charing Cross Road (Oxford Street End) London
    Subjects:Children, Aged persons, Bells, Dwellings, Churches, Infants, Accidents, Robberies, Business enterprises, Weddings, News vendors
  • 1916
    Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty.
    Place & Publisher Chappell & Co., Ltd. New York
    Subjects:Soldiers, Campaigns & battles, Homesickness, England, World War I