Jas. G. Clark

Timeline of works

  • 1857
    Joys of My Childhood.
    Place & Publisher Henry Tolman, 219 Washington St., Opposite Franklin St. Boston
    Subjects:Children playing outdoors, Ice skating, Children flying kites, Nostalgia, Sadness
  • 1857
    Beautiful Silver Sea. Song & Chorus.
    Place & Publisher J.H. Hidley, 516 Broadway Albany
    Subjects:Couples, Beaches, Islands, Moonlight, Love
  • 1858
    6 Songs. No. 4. Oneida Lake Serenade.
    Place & Publisher Russell & Fuller, 291 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Caricatures, Prayer, Bodies of water, Boats, Moonlight, Portraits, Graves, Couples, Kilts, Soldiers, Armor, Daggers & swords, Love, Sleeping