John Blockley

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    The Charge of the Light Brigade. Balaclava.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Poets, War, Campaigns & battles, War casualties, Horseback riding, Daggers & swords
  • [n.d.]
    Yesterday. A Balld.
    Place & Publisher George Willig, 171 Chesnut St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Farewells, Sadness, Weeping, Love, Time
  • [n.d.]
    The Fairy's Song to the Flowers.
    Place & Publisher Lee & Walker, 120 Walnut St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Supernatural beings, Seasons, Spring, Nature, Celebrations
  • [n.d.]
    List, to the Convent Bells. A Favorite Song or Duet.
    Place & Publisher Oliver Ditson & Co., 115 Washington St. Boston
  • [n.d.]
    My Childhood's Home.
    Place & Publisher Dubois & Bacon, 167 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Nostalgia, Contentment, Happiness, Sadness, Time
  • [n.d.]
    You Remember It, Don't You? A Ballad.
    Place & Publisher Dubois & Bacon, 167 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Love, Time
  • [n.d.]
    Hark 'Tis The Moorish Evening Drum. Notturno For 1 or 2 Voices From Songs of Grenada.
    Place & Publisher G.P. Reed, 17 Tremont Row Boston
    Subjects:Poets, Literature, Sunrises & sunsets
  • [n.d.]
    Blockley's Cameo Music. Household Words (Companion to the Favorite Song "Hearts & Homes").
    Place & Publisher F.D. Benteen Baltimore
    Subjects:Authors, Literature, Domestic life
  • [n.d.]
    The Arrow and the Song.
    Place & Publisher Cramer Beale & Co., 301 Regent Street London
    Subjects:Authors, Literature, Poets, Friendship
  • [n.d.]
    The Poacher's Widow. Descriptive Song.
    Place & Publisher John Blockley, 3 Argyll St., Regent St. W. London
    Subjects:Authors, Hunting, Widows, Homicide, Rabbits
  • [n.d.]
    The Curfew.
    Place & Publisher Miller & Beacham, suc. to F.D. Benteen Baltimore
    Subjects:Bodies of water, Mountains, Churches, Hills, Country life, Night
  • 1844
    My Happy Home. Ballad.
    Place & Publisher n.p n.p.
    Subjects:Travel, Domestic life, Happiness