John Martin

Timeline of works

  • 1899
    An Immense Success. I Don't Love You No More.
    Place & Publisher Zickel Bros., Creators of Hits Detroit, MI
    Subjects:Portraits, Actors, Costumes, African Americans, Courtship, Dialects, Unrequited love, Anger, Fighting
  • 1899
    The 'Possum Barbecue. Rag Two-Step.
    Place & Publisher The S. Brainard's Sons Co. New York
    Subjects:African Americans, Caricatures, Ethnic stereotypes, Children & adults, Palms, Dogs, Picnics, Recreation
  • 1906
    I Wants a Girl to Work for Me.
    Place & Publisher Popular Music Publishing Co., 79-81 Fifth Ave. Chicago
    Subjects:Portraits, African Americans, Dialects, Courtship, Fighting, Farewells, Servants
  • 1913
    Perry's Victory March.
    Place & Publisher Brehm Bros. Erie, PA
    Subjects:Portraits, Warships, Clipper ships, Rowboats, Marine warfare, Shipwrecks, Heroes, Military officers