Johnny S. Black

Timeline of works

  • 1919
    Dardanella. Song.
    Place & Publisher McCarthy & Fisher, Inc., 224 W. 46th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Clothing & dress, Ethnic groups, Spires, Courtship, Love, Marriage
  • 1921
    Who'll Be the Next One (To Cry Over You).
    Place & Publisher Edw. B. Marks Music Co., 102 W. 38th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Unrequited love, Distress
  • 1922
    Who Did You Fool After All?
    Place & Publisher Goodman & Rose, Inc., 222 West 46th Street New York
    Subjects:Celebrities, Portraits, Cupids, Lanterns, Distress, Courtship, Love