Maj. J. Barton

Timeline of works

  • 1868
    Grant, Our Great Commander. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher W.W. Whitney, "Palace of Music," 173 Summit St. Toledo,O.
    Subjects:Portraits--Ulysses S. Grant, Events--campaigns & battles, Civil war, Presidential elections
  • 1870
    Gently Down the Stream of Time. Variations by C. Grobe.
    Place & Publisher J.S. White & Co. Marshall, MI
    Subjects:Death, Symbols, Aged persons, Rocks, Oceans, Boats, Buckets, Human life cycle
  • 1874
    Are We Forgotten When We're Gone.
    Place & Publisher Tyler Bros. & Co., 125 South Washington Ave East Saginaw
    Subjects:Portraits, Aged persons, Bodies of water, Dwellings, Time, Human life cycle