Malcolm Williams

Timeline of works

  • 1898
    My Ann Elizer, The Rag-Time Girl.
    Place & Publisher Myll Bros., 43 West 28th St. New York
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Dialects, Fads, Portraits, Dancing
  • 1899
    Everything is Lovely on the Bowery.
    Place & Publisher Jos. W. Stern & Co., 34 East 21st St. New York
    Subjects:Dwellings--interiors, Hotels & taverns, Intoxication, Couples, Light fixtures, Mailboxes, Travel, Robberies, City & town life, Gambling
  • 1904
    Kiss Me Goodnight Dear Love. Song and Refrain.
    Place & Publisher F.B. Haviland Publishing Co., New Zealand Bldg., Broadway & 37th New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Actresses, Farewells, Love