Marshall Walker

Timeline of works

  • 1917
    It Takes a Long Tall Brown Skin Gal to Make a Preacher Lay His Bible Down.
    Place & Publisher Skidmore Music Co. Kansas City, MO
    Subjects:Portraits, Couples, Aged persons, African Americans, Clergy, Caricatures, Churches, Steeples, Love, Marriage
  • 1918
    When I Gets Out in No Man's Land (I Can't Be Bother'd With No Mule). Deacon Series No. 4. (Special War Number).
    Place & Publisher Skidmore Music Co. Kansas City, Mo.
    Subjects:Portraits, Caricatures, Germany, Barbed wire, Bombardment, Battlefields, Fear, Humorous pictures, World War I, Patriotism
  • 1919
    It's a Mean Old Dog (That Won't Scratch His Mama's Fleas). The Most Comical Coon Shout Ever Written with the Funniest Text ever taken by Deacon
    Place & Publisher Meyer Cohen Music Pub. Co. New York
    Subjects:Caricatures, Worship services, Clergy, Dogs, African Americans, Aged persons, Education, Love
  • 1920
    Save a Little Dram For Me. Deacon Series No. 7.
    Place & Publisher Skidmore Music Co. New York
    Subjects:Photos, Churches--interiors, African Americans, Caricatures, Intoxication, Clergymen, Alcoholic beverages, Prohibition