Mr. Dibdin

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    Father and Mother and Suke.
    Place & Publisher C. Hupfeld, Mark. Street Baltimore
    Subjects:Fathers & children, Families, Travel, Wine industry, Physicians, Education, Intoxication, Marriage, Deceit, Occupations
  • [n.d.]
    The Telegraphe.
    Place & Publisher B. Cooke, at his Harp and Music Warehouse (No.4) Sackville Street Dublin
    Subjects:Gambling, Wealth, Seamen, Inventions
  • [n.d.]
    The Country Club.
    Place & Publisher Printed & Sold by the Author at his Music Warehouse, Leicester Place, Leicester Square London
    Subjects:Eating & drinking, Fraternal organizations, Toasting, Alcoholic beverages, Intoxication, Spouses, Death
  • [n.d.]
    Lovely Nan [handwritten on music on back for "Now is the time to sing and play," composed by Hook.
    Place & Publisher Carr's Musical Repositories New York
    Subjects:Courtship & love, Seamen, Ship equipment & rigging
  • [n.d.]
    Tom Trueloves Knell. A Favorite Song.
    Place & Publisher B. Carr's Musical Repository Philadelphia
    Subjects:Courtship & love, Weddings, Death, Seamen, Friendship, Campaigns & battles, Patriotism, Emotion--pain
  • [n.d.]
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    Ben Backstay. A Favorite New Song.
    Place & Publisher H. & P. Rice, No. 50 Market St., between Front & Second Streets Philadelphia
    Subjects:Courtship & love, Seamen, Marine accidents, Death