Ren. Shields

Timeline of works

  • 1896
    The St. Louis Cyclone. Grand Descriptive Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher Justus G. Douglass, 205 State Street Chicago
    Subjects:Natural disasters, Tornadoes, City & town life, Mothers & children, Homecomings, Disaster victims, Disaster relief
  • 1900
    Set 'Em Up in the Other Alley.
    Place & Publisher Hitland Music Publishers, Helf & Hager Co., 1418 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Cartoons, Bowling, Athletic facilities, Courtship & love, Robbery
  • 1907
    Come to the Land of Bohemia.
    Place & Publisher F.A. Mills, 48 West 29th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Light fixtures, Pride, Patriotism
  • 1909
    Take Me Out For A Joy Ride.
    Place & Publisher F.A. Mills, 122 West 36th St. New York
    Subjects:Automobiles, Couples, Courtship & love, Health