Ricardo Linter

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    The Royal Mazourka for the Piano Forte.
    Place & Publisher D'Almaine & Co., Soho Square London
    Subjects:Rulers, Castles & palaces--interiors, Dancing
  • [n.d.]
    Jenny Lind's Music. Jenny Lind's Polkas. (1) Jenny Lind's Swedish Polka; (2) Jenny Lind's English Polka.
    Place & Publisher Oliver Ditson, 115 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Celebrities, Singers, Portraits
  • [n.d.]
    The Full Cry Quadrilles. (1) Le Pantalon; (2) L'Ete; (3) La Poule; (4) La Trenise; (5) La Finale.
    Place & Publisher D'Almaine & Co. 20 Soho Square London
    Subjects:Horseback riding, Hunting, Hunting dogs, Hills, Clothing & dress
  • [n.d.]
    The Black Bird Quadrilles.
    Place & Publisher Firth, Pond & Co., 1 Franklin Sq. New York
    Subjects:Tree limbs
  • [n.d.]
    The Real Irish Polkas.
    Place & Publisher Dalmaine & Co., 20 Soho Square London
    Subjects:Portraits, Couples, Dancing, Shamrocks
  • [n.d.]
    The Real Scotch Polkas.
    Place & Publisher W.H. Oakes Boston
    Subjects:Couples, Folk dancing, Kilts, Native dress, Portraits