Roy L. Burtch

Timeline of works

  • 1899
    The Little Room Where Baby Used To Sleep.
    Place & Publisher Wulschner & Son Indianapolis, Ind.
    Subjects:Parlors, Children's furniture, Families, Death, Grief
  • 1910
    The Best Place of All. Home Song.
    Place & Publisher Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Dwellings, Porches, Stairways, Horseback riding, Homecomings, Families, Homesickness, New England
  • 1918
    Till Over the Top We Go. The Song Our Allies, Lodges and Glee Clubs are Singing.
    Place & Publisher Halcyon Pub. Co., 9 the Clarina Indianapolis, Ind.
    Subjects:Soldiers, Campaigns & battles, Flags, Patriotism, World War I