S. C.

Timeline of works

  • [n.d.]
    Place & Publisher G. Willig's Musical Magazine Philadelphia
  • [n.d.]
    Place & Publisher Parker & Ditson Boston
    Subjects:Commemorations, Pride
  • [n.d.]
    Image Unavailable
    Naval Song. Rise, Columbia! Brave and Free!
    Place & Publisher G.E. Blake Philadelphia
    Subjects:Patriotism, Campaigns & battles
  • 1813
    Image Unavailable
    Naval Song. The Pillar of Glory.
    Place & Publisher G.E. Blake Philadelphia
    Subjects:War of 1812, Patriotism, Campaigns & battles, Naval warfare
  • 1856
    Mill Bank Mazurka.
    Place & Publisher Geo. A. Oates & Bro. Augusta, GA
    Subjects:Farms, Cattles, Dams, Bridges, Dwellings, Gazebos, Country life
  • 1857
    Welcome Me To Thy Sunny Home. A Ballad.
    Place & Publisher J.H. Snow Mobile, Ala.
    Subjects:Pride, Homecomings, Travel, Patriotism
  • 1862
    Salut `a Beauregard.
    Place & Publisher Miller & Beacham Baltimore
    Subjects:Civil War--Confederate, Campaigns & battles, Military officers, Abraham Lincoln, Victories
  • 1865
    Image Unavailable
    Sherman's March to the Sea.
    Place & Publisher Wm. Hall & Son, 543 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Battlefields, Campaigns & battles, National Emblems, Eagles, Flags, William Tecumseh Sherman, Civil War--Union, Patriotism
  • 1865
    When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea.
    Place & Publisher Lee & Walker, 722 Chestnut St. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Civil War--Union, William Tecumseh Sherman, Campaigns & battles, Military officers, Heroes, War casualties, Patriotism