Sam Booth

Timeline of works

  • 1874
    Temperance Song and Chorus. The Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Never Touch Mine.
    Place & Publisher M. Gray, 623 & 625 Clay St. San Francisco
    Subjects:Crosses, Alcoholic beverages, Vice
  • 1877
    It Will All Be Right in the Morning. Song.
    Place & Publisher Matthias Gray, 105 Kearny St. San Francisco
    Subjects:Sunrises & sunsets, Bodies of water, Mothers & children, Sleeping, Lullabyes
  • 1880
    Garfield and Arthur Campaign. Fall In! Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher M. Gray, 117 Post Street San Francisco
    Subjects:Flags, Eagles, Chester Arthur, James Garfield, Presidential elections
  • 1880
    "Garfield" A Republican Campaign Song & Chorus.
    Place & Publisher S. Brainard's Sons, 341 & 343 Euclid Avenue Cleveland
    Subjects:James A. Garfield, Presidential elections
  • 1885
    Riding on the Dummy. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher n.p.
    Subjects:Electric railroads, Dwellings, Passengers, Courtship & love, Transportation