Thomas P. Westendorf

Timeline of works

  • 1876
    I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher John Church & Co., 66 W. Fourth St. Cincinnati
    Subjects:Couples, Sadness, Cliffs, Oceans, Ships, Homesickness, Immigrants, Love, Ireland
  • 1877
    Letting the Old Cat Die. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher William A. Pond & Co., 547 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Children swinging, Children playing outdoors, Dwellings, Girls, Boys, Games, Nostalgia, Sadness
  • 1877
    The Wondrous Telephone
    Place & Publisher Balmer & Weber St. Louis
    Subjects:Crowds, Children & adults, Opera houses, Conductors, Musicians, Domestic life, Children playing, Moon, Pianos, Telephones, Communication devices
  • 1881
    Leave Me Not In Anger. Song and Chorus. Companion to "Call Me Back Again."
    Place & Publisher White, Smith & Co. Boston
    Subjects:Couples, Parlors, Sadness, Quarreling, Love
  • 1882
    Dar de Ole Sarpent was a Crawlin', or, The Story of the Apple. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher n.p. n.p.
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Caricatures, Dialects, Ethnic stereotypes, Adam & Eve, Storytelling
  • 1889
    Kissing Papa Through the Telephone. Song and Refrain.
    Place & Publisher [W.F. Shaw Co.] n.p.
    Subjects:Children making telephone calls, Fathers & children