U. S. N.

Timeline of works

  • 1841
    The Midshipman's Farewell. Song.
    Place & Publisher Henry Prentiss, 33 Court St. Boston
    Subjects:Clipper ships, Piers & wharves, Cityscapes, Dwellings, Monuments & memorials, Sailors, Love
  • 1918
    Gussie (Guthie). A Stuttering & Lisping Song.
    Place & Publisher Kendis, Brockman Music Co., 145 West 45th St. New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Cartoons, Soldiers, Satire, Farewells, Love, World War I
  • 1918
    I'll Be Waiting Sailor Boy For You.
    Place & Publisher Howard and Lavar, 1431 Broadway New York
    Subjects:Steamboats, Portraits, Military bands, Seamen, Love, Patriotism, Homecomings, World War I
  • 1918
    I've Done My Bit For Uncle Sam (Will You Do Your Bit For Me?).
    Place & Publisher Triangle Music Pub. Co., 145 West Pub. Co., 45th Street New York
    Subjects:Portraits, Soldiers, Sailors, Silhouettes, Statue of Liberty, Love, Correspondence, Marriage proposals, Patriotism, World War I
  • 1918
    Soldier and Sailor Boy.
    Place & Publisher Jack Mendelsohn Music Co. Boston
    Subjects:Soldiers, Seamen, Warships, Patriotism, World War I
  • 1919
    They Put Our Little Percy in the Brig. The Great Comic Gob Song.
    Place & Publisher Frank K. Root & Co., McKinely Music Co. Owners Chicago
    Subjects:Cartoons, Humorous pictures, Seamen, Prisoners, Women, Cleaning, Punishment & torture, World War I