Von La Hache

Timeline of works

  • 1848
    United States Polka Quadrilles.
    Place & Publisher William Hall & Son, 239 Broadway (Opposite the Park) New York
    Subjects:Steamboats, Warships
  • 1862
    Improvisation on the Favorite Air My Maryland for the Piano.
    Place & Publisher A.E. Blackmar & Bro., 74 Camp St. New Orleans
  • 1865
    Happy Contraband. No. 2. Schottisch.
    Place & Publisher Louis Grunewald, 129 Canal Street New Orleans
    Subjects:Minstrel shows, Caricatures, Ethnic stereotypes, Civil War--Confederate
  • 1866
    My Charmer. Grand Polka de Salon.
    Place & Publisher A.E. Blackman, 167 Canal St. New Orleans
    Subjects:Portraits, Women, Flowers
  • 1866
    Come to the Woods!
    Place & Publisher A.E. Blackmar, 167 Canal St. New Orleans
    Subjects:Love, Forests, Nature
  • 1882
    Near the Banks of That Lone River. Song and Chorus.
    Place & Publisher Oliver Ditson & Co., 451 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Love, Death, Grief