W. S. Milton

Timeline of works

  • 1870
    Oh! Hannah! How's Your Ma? Comic Song.
    Place & Publisher J.L. Carncross & Co. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Courtship & love, Families, Farming
  • 1871
    Sweetly Sleep, My Little Birdie. Song and Chorus. Eighth Edition.
    Place & Publisher J.L. Carncross & Co., No. 6 8th Street Philadelphia
    Subjects:Mothers & children, Love, Prayer, Children sleeping
  • 1878
    Balm of Gilead. Plantation Song.
    Place & Publisher J.E. Ditson & Co. Philadelphia
    Subjects:Death--symbols, Enslaved persons, Minstrel shows, Slavery, Caricatures, Accidents
  • 1880
    Swing Song (The Cry of Maria).
    Place & Publisher [T.A. Bacher] n.p.
    Subjects:Playgrounds, Equipment, Loss of consciousness, Fear, Accidents