Wm. C. Glynn

Timeline of works

  • 1842
    Bayeaux's Quick Step. 2nd Edition.
    Place & Publisher Boardman & Gray, No.4 N. Pearl St. Albany
    Subjects:Portraits, Military camps, Military officers, Guards, Bayonets, Hills, National Emblems
  • 1844
    Capt. Pray's Quick Step Nos. 1 and 2.
    Place & Publisher H. Prentiss, 33 Court St. Boston
    Subjects:Architectural elements--arches, Military officers
  • 1844
    Mechanic's Quick Step.
    Place & Publisher Henry Prentiss, 33 Court St. Boston
    Subjects:Symbols--women, Ship equipment & rigging, Clipper ships, Waterfronts, Pines, Dwellings
  • 1856
    Choice Selections for Evening Amusement.
    Place & Publisher Henry Tolman, 153 Washington St. Boston
    Subjects:Ballroom dancing, Musicians, Couples, Drapery