With over 29,000 pieces of popular American sheet music spanning 200+ years, the Lester S. Levy collection is a valuable resource for enthusiasts of all types.

Over 20,000 scores from the collection are available for free download, and more than 800 songs have linked historical audio recordings. Enthusiasts can access the collection using either a text search on the homepage, or the Advanced Search system.

Resources for specific enthusiast groups are provided below.

Historical Re-enactors

Many historical re-enactors access the Levy Collection, and the collection provides coverage of a variety of major historical events, including the American Civil War and World War 1. Some re-enactors choose to download sheet music scores and perform songs as part of their re-enactments. Others may be interested in downloading PDFs of scores to print and use as props or set pieces.

Music Enthusiasts

Music enthusiasts can access the collection to learn more about historical music trends or locate specific pieces of music. These enthusiasts may be interested in the collection's resources for Musicians and Academics/Educators.


The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection is among the largest collections of popular American sheet music in the world, and serves as an ideal reference for other sheet music collectors. Collectors may be interested in researching specific pieces, or in reviewing duplicates and variations on similar songs. Collectors be also be interested in learning more about Lester Levy and his collecting methodology.

Music Box Enthusiasts

Music box collectors and enthusiasts often access the Lester S. Levy Collection to find scores for the pieces which their antique music boxes perform. These enthusiasts may be interested in using the Advanced Search feature of the collection, or listening to songs with historical audio recordings.

Enthusiasts may wish to share specific songs on social media. Each song page includes social sharing links for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Enthusiasts with questions about the collection can feel free to use the Contact Us page.